These resources are developed by educators and are intended to support you in your quest for personal and career development. Please use them only for your personal or educational endeavors. They are intellectual property that is not intended for sale or commercial use without permission. Educators may reproduce for educational purposes as long as the work is cited and proper credit is given.

True Colors Introduction (19 minute video)

True Colors is a simple assessment of your personality preferences. This video provides information about people's preferences, an understanding of different preferences, how personality impacts communication, and the importance of valuing differences.
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True Colors Talent Development (11 minute video)

For each of us there is a moment of discovery. We learn that life is an opportunity to know one's self and others. This knowledge changes how we see the world; how our uniqueness influences everything; how we have the power to develop our talents. You have the power to develop your True Colors just as you develop the skills you need for life. Click here for a viewer's guide for this video.

True Colors is an inventory designed to help you better understand yourself and others. It can promote the appreciation of individual differences.
True Colors Scramble Activity is an extension of the initial introduction. Descriptive word cards for each color can be downloaded: gold, blue, green, orange.

True Colors Analysis Tool
We make assumptions about ourselves and others that may or may not be on target. Success in part depends upon learning how to interact with others in a more thoughtful way.

True Colors in more detail.

True Color's Story by Don Lowry

Finding your element, the point at which natural talent meets personal passion, is a process of discovering your abilities and can transform your life. This document provides an overview of guiding principles and tools.

Multiple Intelligences Inventory: Howard Gardner has identified nine distinct intelligences. Walter McKenzie developed an inventory to self-perceived multiple intelligences preferences.

The Marshmallow Challenge is a fun design activity that encourages team to experience simple but profoundness lessons in collaboration in collaboration, innovation and creativity.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) plays an important role in your happiness, success, interpersonal relations and influence. The way we interact with and regulate emotions impacts nearly every aspect of our life. Confidence, being good at working toward goals, being adaptable, flexible and showing empathy are signs of emotional intelligence.

Practical EQ Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment
This self-assessment questionnaire is designed to get you thinking about the various competencies of emotional intelligence as they apply to your life.

Emotional Intelligence, how to improve your EQ.


The purpose of this guide is to help you take the first step in setting career goals. Whether you are a student careers for the first time, or someone looking into revising you plan to look for a new line of work, this guide has valuable information. Developed by the Iowa Department of Education.

Key Beliefs are qualities that you consider not just worthwhile; they represent your highest priorities, deeply held beliefs and core, fundamental driving forces. They guide you and keep you on track during difficult times.

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